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Ana Paula

Ana Paula is married to Gustavo Bessa and is the mother of Isaque and Benjamim. Her family is her most special ministry. Her home church is Lagoinha Baptist Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil – a 60 thousand people ministry that has impacted the nation under her father’s leadership. Ana and Gustavo were ordained as pastors in the year 2000 and have served in many areas but their main passion is worship and missions. Ana is the founder of CTMDT, a Worship and Missions School in Brazil where 300 students attend for 2 years and serve in the Mission field for another 10 months. For 13 years Gustavo and Ana have fully supported around 50 long term Brazilian missionaries and were the main supporters for their church’s Ashasthan Project in India – homes for the restoration of girls taken out of prostitution. Ana also founded The Arts Factory – a school for kids and people of all ages on every art expression for the advancing of the Kingdom.

Ana produces DVDs singing Bible stories for children. She also has a powerful women’s ministry with tens of thousands of women being reached through her conferences every year. Her ministry is most known for their prophetic worship and intercession gatherings. Over two million people gathered for a night of prayer and worship in Sao Paulo. Since 1998 over 15 million people attended to these gatherings where DVDs and CDs were recorded with songs and prayers that cried out for God to heal peoples lives and also to heal their land. Ana is a preacher, a book author and songwriter and she ministers not only in Brazil, but in many nations around the world. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English and has recorded also in Turkish, Polish, and Albanian. Ana Paula’s latest release is the DVD and CD Tetelestai – It is Finished – recorded live in Israel.

Ana Paula has received over 25 awards as the leader of Diante do Trono – Before the Throne Worship Ministry. In 2004 they were nominated in 8 categories for Troféu Talento (a Brazilian Award similar to the Dove Awards) and they won in 7. She was also nominated in the 38th GMA Dove Awards for the album Sol da Justiça – Sun of Righteousness. Read more.



Please God in everything we do, honoring Him on stage and backstage , processes and results, so that our worship is accepted before the throne and power of the Spirit is poured out through us, transforming lives and nations.


Worshippers who bring Heaven on Earth , expressing the Kingdom of God in all spheres of society for the transformation of Brazil and the world.




Tetelestai (Tetelestai) – BEFORE THE THRONE
“Tetelestai” is an important landmark in Before the Throne’s history for being the first album that the group recorded out of Brazil. In June 2014, the group went to Jerusalem to record at the Tower of David, at the Garden Tomb and at the Mount of Olives. The message in the chansons gives a Biblical panorama of the God of Israel that revealed himself through his son, Jesus, who was crucified, rose again and will return!

Gateway Worship Before the Throne – Deus Reina (The Lord Reigns)
Recorded in August, 2014 at Lagoinha Baptist Church, “Deus Reina” album was released in September, 2015. The album is the result of a partnership with Gateway Church and presents the version in Portuguese of “The Lord Reigns” album.

“Deus Reina” is composed of 13 tracks. Ana Paula, André, Mariana and Felippe Valadão, Nívea Soares, Israel Salazar, Tião Batista, Vinícius Zulato, Sthepanie Zanandrais and Suelen Aires are the singers Who participated of this Project. The executive production is signed by Thomas Miller.

According to Ana Paula Valadão Bessa, Gateway church has been a great partner: “This is the second album that Gateway Church records in Brazil with us. The first one was the album “Glória a Deus” (God Be Praised), live at Lagoinha Baptist Church and released in 2011.”.
‘Tetelestai’ is the Greek expression, registered in the gospels, which Jesus has shouted at the cross: It is finished! The price has been paid!

He himself is the propitiation not only for our sins, but for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2). Chansons like “Deus de Israel” (God of Israel) and “Eu Sou” (I Am) take us to a biblical panorama of where God reveals himself in different ways, culminating in the incarnated God, Jesus, who died, rose again and will soon return! Sing with us the world’s Salvation History through this Before the Throne’s masterpiece, the first recording out of Brazil, exactly in Jerusalem, the place where the Lord has commanded us ‘to go and preach the Gospel to every creature’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Tu Reinas (You Reign) – BEFORE THE THRONE

After 15 years of career, the group chose city of Juazeiro do Norte, in the state of Ceará, to be the stage of this new recording. The intention was to call Brazil’s attention to the reality of the country’s Northeastern hinterland that suffers with misery and the worst drought of the latest fifty years.

The event gathered more than 30 thousand people from all over Brazil that organized themselves in caravans to get to Father Cícero’s Events Park, the most important house of events in Juazeiro do Norte. On the stage, a typical mud and straw house was part of the decoration. To complete the scenery, there were an artesian well, stools and lace curtains, among other items that point to the hinterland’s culture, beauty and simplicity. For Ana Paula Valadão, “this album was a landmark in the history of the country and in our lives because of the miracles that the Lord’s been doing and will still do”.

For the album recording, there were a choir of 2.200 voices and also three special participations: André and Mariana Valadão, the vocalist Ana Paula’s siblings, singing the song “Brasil” (Brazil), and the singer Juliano Son, singing the chanson “Santo” (Holy). The album production is signed by Vinícius Bruno and the DVD direction, by Alex Passos.

The week after the recording, the group traveled through the Northeastern hinterland portraying the local people’s lifestyle and blessing their live through the ministrations in three villages. All the recorded images are in “Tu Reinas” DVD.

“‘You Reign’ is the declaration of Christ’s lordship above any other name that shall be raised in the Northeastern region of Brazil and in all the Earth. When singing songs like “Vestes de Louvor” (Garments of Praise), “Rasga os Céus” (Rend the Heaven), “Rei dos Reis” (King of the Kings) we pray in the way Jesus has taught us: ‘Your kingdom come’ in the Northeastern region of Brazil and in our lives. Worship Him and prepare yourself to be transformed while singing songs like “Exaltado” (Exalted) and “Coração Igual ao Teu” (A Heart Like Yours). This album is a landmark in Before the Throne’s history and will certainly mark yours too.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Renovo (Renewal) – BEFORE THE THRONE
“Renovo” was live recorded at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte, on March 29th, 2013, at the 14th “International Worship and Praise Before the Throne Conference” and has some of Before the Throne’s most beautiful chansons that celebrate the 15 years of the ministry.

According to Pastor Márcio Valadão, “‘renewal’ means to get refreshment, a new start, new strengths, a new impetus. When we listen to these remarkable songs such as “A Vitória da Cruz” (The Cross’ Victory), “Nos Braços do Pai” (In the Father’s Arms) and “A Canção do Amor” (The Love Song), we revive the first years of this ministry and we are renewed.”.



Creio (I Believe) – BEFORE THE THRONE

The expectations for the recording were exceeded. Caravans from all over Brazil and even from other countries joined the people of Manaus to participate of Before the Throne’s new album recording, “Creio”, that marks and celebrates the ministry’s fifteen years of work. On July 9th, at the Sambódromo of Manaus, 350 thousand people were there to declare the lordship of Christ.

The date of the recording was chosen very carefully because it was on the same day of “The March for Jesus”, organized by The Order of Christian Ministers from the State of Amazonas (OMEAM), which gathered more than 800 thousand people that declared their faith and prayed for Manaus.

Before the Throne’s 15th album had the special participation of Pastor Ludmila Ferber (from Prophetic Worship Ministry), Apostle Gilmar Britto (worship minister at the International Restoration Ministry) and Pastor Ana Lúcia Câmara (from the Assembly of God Church in Manaus). Pr. Thomas Miller (from Gateway Church) and Mariana and Felippe Valadão also participated of the event.

Gold Disc in one day
The expectation for Before the Throne’s new album was so great that on Thursday, September 27th, the date of the release, “Creio” sold more than 50 thousand copies. The new album was released at ExpoCritã[1] 2012, at Anhembi – São Paulo.

In the previous year, likewise, “Sol da Justiça” also got the Gold Disc one day after of its release. It was a nice surprise. Another great piece of news was that “Creio” was nominated for the Latin Grammy of 2012 as the “Best Christian Music Album (in Portuguese)”.

Gratitude is the feeling that can translate that moment because we know that more than 50 thousand lives could be blessed with chansons from our new album.

The name of the album
Before the Throne’s 15th album name was announced on May 8th and was one of the most important subjects of that day. To have an idea, the hashtag “#CreioDT15[2]” was on the Trending Topics of Brazil (TTB) on Twitter.

[1] Expocristã is a famous Christian event in Brazil for Christian stores, publishers and record labes to sell a great variety of products to the Christian people.

[2] “DT” is the abbreviation of “Diante do Trono” that is Before the Throne’s original name (in Portuguese).

“‘I Believe’ is a declaration that we don’t see only with our natural eyes, but we can also see the promises through faith, and even in moments of tribulation we can praise. Songs like “Canta Minh’alma” (Rejoice, my soul), “O Vencedor” (The Winner), “Porque Estás Comigo” (Because You’re With Me) and “Só Um Relance” (Just a Glance) take each worshiper to a higher level of trust and hope in God for what’s yet to come. Join more than 350 thousand people that got together in Manaus/AM and declared ‘I BELIEVE until the end’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão




Sol da Justiça “Sun of Justice” – BEFORE THE THRONE
A great celebration of the Lord’s justice was held in the city of Natal/RN on July 16th and 18th, 2011. That’s right! The recording of Before the Throne’s 14th album was on two days.

On the first one, 120 thousand people from all over Brazil and a choir formed of five thousand voices got together outsides, at The Beach of the Middle, in Natal. This was the biggest gathering in the history of the state until then. On the second day, 2.500 people intensely participated of the recording in a more intimate setting in a theater. The scenes of these unforgettable nights can be seen through DVD or Blu-ray.

According to Ana Paula Valadão, this is a very special album in the ministry’s history because it sets the begging of a new day, a new moment: “Raising new worshipers generations has always been a compromise of our group and now the younger ones are part of our team and they open their wings and start to fly high!”, says Ana. “It’s a new sound, but the essence and the mission are the same”, she completes.

“Sol da Justiça” CD contains nine of the eighteen tracks recorded. The full content is on DVD and Blu-ray. On video format there’s also a bonus album with nine other songs: some of them are new, one is a duet with Asaph Borba and another one is “Before the Throne’s Medley”, composed of songs that marked Before the Throne’s first years and have been sung by ex-participants of the group: André Valadão, Mariana Valadão, Nívea Soares and João Lúcio and Helena Tannure.

Gateway Worship Before the Throne – GLÓRIA A DEUS (God Be Praised) CD
The year of 2011 sealed the partnership between Before the Throne and Gateway Church through the recording of “Glória a Deus”, an album that was originally in English (“God Be Praised”).

The live recording was held at Lagoinha Baptist Church, on April 22nd, 2011, at the 12nd “International Worship and Praise Before the Throne Conference”.

Ana Paula Valadão Bessa described this moment as remarkable: “Each of these songs has marked my life and that’s why I feel privileged to be recording them in Portuguese and making them part of the Church’s worship in Brazil and throughout the world. I thank God for this friendship and partnership with Gateway Church, especially with Thomas Miller, Walker Beach and Robert Quintana, ministers that opened their hearts to the world’s claim and have the vision of seeing all nations before the throne of God.

“Jesus is ‘The Sun of Righteousness’, the Light of the world, as the prophecy in the book of Malachi says, and we sing that ‘He rises over us bringing healing on His wings’. Delight yourself in the Lord while listening to remarkable songs like “Me Ama” (He Loves Us), “Em Meio à Tua Glória” (In the Midst of Your Glory) and “Anseio” (Yearning) and join the choir of 120 thousand voices that echoed throughout the skies: ‘Great is the Lord, our God almighty! He’s the only God in Earth, Heaven and seas. There’s none like Him!”. – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Aleluia (Hallelujah) – BEFORE THE THRONE

The “Gates” were opened and on July 17th, 2010 Before the Throne Worship Ministry recorded “Aleluia”, the 13th album of the series, at Barretos Rodeo Park, in Barretos/SP. The recording was the second event that used the arena’s total capacity and was a watershed for the city, the ministry and all the ones who had participated of the event. Certainly, this project will keep marking generations all over Brazil and the world.

There was a great expectation for this project’s realization. After all, it would be the first recording far from a capital and the first time that Barretos Rodeo Park would be holding a Christian event. It was a wonderful night! It was impressive and special to see the reaction of all the 60 thousand worshippers. During about four hours of recording, the interaction with the crowd was noticeable. Each new song they worshiped even more.

Aleluia” album sold more than 150 thousand copies in just a month.

On the Memory and in the Heart
It was a remarkable night for those who had been at the arena and witnessed that moments. Spirits and hearts will never forget that chansons. From the repertoire, 12 songs are new and the others are versions of some of the ministry’s own previous songs and also of traditional hymns that have been blessing many generations. Each chanson had its importance and peculiarity in this project.

“Hallelujah” means “be praised”. Each song in this album is an invitation to worship. The so expected recording started with the theme song, “Aleluia”, of which the lyrics are a statement recognizing that God loves and cares for his people and that his children are surrounded by his mercy and kindness.

To worship the lord with all the heart is a daily challenge and to praise Him above any circumstance is a principle. So it’s always time to bow down and recognize that God is good, to adore Him and to shout “Hallelujah”.

Building and saving lives

Unlike the other recordings, a new experience challenged the group. Before the Throne partnered with Barretos Cancer Hospital aiming to raise funds for the institution. Besides that, on the day of the event the hospital set blood donation centers where people could donate blood and also register themselves to be bone marrow donators. A total of 2 thousand possible new bone marrow donators were registered as a result of the campaign. Overall, it was a reason for great joy to help this institution which is also known as “The Love Hospital” and offers high quality and free treatment for people from all over the country.

The campaign’s motto was “Build your LIFE by saving LIVES”. Barretos Cancer Hospital needs donations because the health care is totally for free. However, the quality of the treatment impresses.

Worship and solidarity are different words, but both of these actions are motivated by love and can walk together. It’s almost impossible to measure the faith and the hope that a donation can bring to the ones who need treatment. It’s not a coincidence that this hospital is known as “The Love Hospital”.

Before the Throne supports this cause.

“‘Hallelujah’ was the word that united Heaven and Earth in the recording in Barretos/SP. Thousands of worshipers from all over Brazil took possession of the great Barretos Rodeo Park’s arena and transformed that place into an altar to the only worthy one, our great and beloved Lord Jesus Christ. When listening to each of these chansons you will prove of the anointing that was poured on that unforgettable night. “Aleluia” (Hallelujah), “Este é o Dia” (This is the Day) and “Glória” (Glory) are songs that invite us to chose to worship in any circumstances; “Oleiro” (Potter) and “Me Refaz” (He Makes me Over) minister healing to our hearts; “Meu Redentor Vive” (My Redeemer Lives) and “Canção do Apocalipse” (Revelation Song) remind us of the Lords second coming. This album will fill your heart with the glorious Hope and the presence of the Holy Spirit.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Tua Visão (Your Vision) – BEFORE THE THRONE

Recorded in Belo Horizonte in August, 2009, at the Station Square, “Tua Visão” is Before the Throne’s 12th live production and brings the group’s essence: significant songs, quality music, beautiful performances and an amazing worship atmosphere. The album has 10 new songs signed by Ana Paula Valadão that praise the Lord, show gratitude and talk about the importance of relationships. With the Special Participation of Mariana and Felippe Valadão, Fernanda Brum and Nívea Soares and with a remarkable interaction with the crowd, the recording was led by prayers, speeches and even portions of previous chansons of the group such as “Deus de Amor” (God of Love), “Preciso de Ti” (I need You) and “Nos Braços do Pai” (In the Father’s Arms). It’s a congregational project that rescues the group’s origin exactly when it records again in its home city.

“On August 1st, 2009, at the Station Square, in Belo Horizonte, a crowd answered the godly call for Before the Throne’s 12th album recording, firming up the decision of being disposed to sing that ‘Your vision, Lord’, is what our hearts desire. I pray that these inspired songs can make you recognize, love and the God’s vision.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



A Canção do Amor (The Love Song) – BEFORE THE THRONE

“Make my heart return to the love song”. It’s with this sentence that the theme song of the 11th Before the Throne’s live album starts. In this production, the group from Minas Gerais makes a claim for the renewal of the love for God and for the pleasure of being in His presence. Recorded on two days in 2008 at The Chevrolet Hall of Recife, “A Canção do Amor” is a beautiful, captivating and enthusiastic album. In 10 new songs, the group presents the message with beauty and harmony. “Confio em Teu Amor” (I Trust in Your Love) is a song that talks about the certainty that God is near us even on hard times. The album’s theme song is a call to the ones who had once experienced a relationship with God but got far from Him at some point of the journey. With special participation of André Valadão, “Com Júbilo eu Canto” (I Sing With Joy) announces one of the great truths from the book of Psalms: “weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning”. Nevertheless, the album is not only about brokenness. Celebration, joy and dance also mark the production.

Besides the songs that are part of the album, two other chansons we recorded specially for the DVD album: “Deuteronômio 11” (Deuteronomy 11) and “Oásis” (Oasis), this last one with the duet of Mariana Valadão and Marine Almeida. Definitely, “A Canção do Amor” is a beautiful, involving and vibrant album that breaths a new life and awakens the ones who listens to it.

“Recife is a city where big parties take place. This time, the party was different and marked the history of the city and the country. Prophetically, we declared that the parties in Brazil will be celebrations to praise the only worthy one, Jesus! Commemorate with us the unforgettable moment in which thousands of worshipers from all over the country gathered to sing ‘The Love Song’ to the Lord Jesus.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



In the year of 2007, Before the Throne recorded three albums: “Tempo de Festa” (Celebration Time), “Com Intensidade” (With Intensity) and “Príncipe da Paz” (Prince of Peace). These were three remarkable works that once again helped the ministry to tell its story through each song.

Tempo de Festa (Cellebration Time) – BEFORE THE THRONE
For the first time, the recording happened on two days. On March 9th and 10th, 2007, at a show house named Via Funchal, in São Paulo, “Tempo de Festa” was marked by celebration moments for the group’s first ten years. In the scenery, the cities that had held the previous recordings were shown. Singing once again the nine theme songs of the previous CDs, the entire crowd accepted Ana Paula’s invitation “to travel to the past”.

If songs represent what we want to say but can’t only speak, this moment became a personal recall of each one’s history. These songs mean a lot not only to the ones who participated of the recordings, but to all that made of Before the Throne’s chansons their personal hymns during different moments in life.

Com Intensidade (Intensily) – BEFORE THE THRONE
What does it mean to worship “intensily”? The answer can be found when we listen to the second commemorative album of Before the Throne’s 10 years of ministry. It’s impossible to listen to the songs and not to get excited with the selection of the most vibrant and enthusiastic chansons recorded in the previous CDs of the ministry. Recorded in 2007, at the 8th “International Worship and Praise Before the Throne Conference”, in the city of Belo Horizonte, “Com Intensidade” brings songs as “Tempo de Festa” (Celebration Time), “A Vitória da Cruz” (The Cross’ Victory), “Quem é Deus Como Nosso Deus?” (Who’s God Like our God?), “Rei dos Reis” (King of the Kings), “Me Libertou” (Set me Free), among others.

This project has a new proposal: to celebrate and to war. Through 11 cheerful songs, the Christian people is invited to participate of this great celebration and to take its place in a beautiful banquet. It’s simply an undeniable invitation.

Príncipe da Paz (Prince of Peace) – BEFORE THE THRONE
In 2007, at the Apoteose Square, in Rio de Janeiro, the ministry’s 10th album recording wasn’t like the others. Each of Before the Throne’s events has its fights and its victories, but the recording on July 7th, 2007 (7/7/7) was superlative. “Príncipe da Paz” is a different album. It was recorded on a prophetic date and its songs are a sharp weapon to be sung all the time: time to fight, time to win, time to praise, time to celebrate, time of eternity.

“‘Prince of Peace’ is one of the names of our Lord Jesus that was proclaimed in Rio de Janeiro, the ‘Wonderful City’, a place that needs to experience the Kingdom of justice, peace and happiness that only God can offer. Join more than 100 thousand worshipers that on 7/7/7 changed the history of the Apoteose Square, raising their voices and singing ‘Come, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, reign in us’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Por Amor de Ti, oh, Brasil (For the Sake of You, oh, Brazil) – BEFORE THE THRONE

Recorded in July 2006 in the city of Belém, located in the state of Pará, the ninth album seals the ministry’s objective of realizing great gatherings at each of the five Brazilian regions. In the sixth year recording out of Belo Horizonte, Before the Throne went to the north of the country and 80 thousand people showed up at Yamada Arena for the occasion. At that night, the vision that started in 2001 was even more clearly proclaimed and remains the same until today. Being composed of 10 songs, all of Ana Paula Valadão’s authorship, the album presents the main message based in Isaiah 62, when the prophet says to Israel: “For the sake of You, oh, Israel, I will not keep silent nor remain quiet”. The song that gives the album its title is practically an interceding song, a compromise of the Brazilian people of not resting and not giving rest to the Lord until He changes their history and makes of them a praise object in the Earth, called by a new name. The song chorus still says: “Until we become a crown of splendor in the hands of our God”.

“For the sake of You, oh, Brazil’ is a declaration that we love our nation and that we will not rest until we see the power of God transforming it in a healing and restoration testimony.

Join us and the worshipers from all over the country that gathered in Belém do Pará, at the entrance gate of the state of Amazonas, to enthrone the Lord with chansons that declare ‘King of the kings, reign in us’ and ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done, Your domain will have no end’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Ainda Existe uma Cruz (There’s Still a Cross) – BEFORE THE THRONE

At sunset time, during the extreme southern Brazilian winter at the city of Porto Alegre, 300 thousand people gathered for Before the Throne’s eighth recording. At the banks of the Guaíba River, the greatest event ever held in the state of Rio Grande do Sul marked the ministry’s history. At the occasion, pastors from all the local churches signed during the event a repentant prayer for the Church’s and the country’s sins, especially for the division among the children of God. Using the best of the technology and equipments, the event registered the participation of 700 caravans that came even from very far places such as the city of Belém, in the state of Pará[1].

“In Porto Alegre, at the banks of Guaíba Rive, as the sun was going down, three hundred thousand people got together to proclaim that ‘there’s still a cross’. The message of this album, recorded on July 9th, 2005, takes us to see the cross through the Father’s eyes, challenges us to daily take His love to the lost ones and to never forget this truth: ‘there’s still a cross’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão
[1] The distance between Porto Alegre and Belém is of more than 4.000 kilomenters.



Esperança (Hope) – BEFORE THE THRONE

In the city of Salvador, on July 10th, 2004, 1.200.000 (one million two hundred thousand) people showed up to Before the Throne’s seventh live recording. The State of Bahia’s power center, the Administrative Center of Bahia, hosted the second event of its history, being the first one the visit of the Pope John Paul II in 1982. To the sound of the drums and the choir of 5.500 people from Bahia, the crowd actively participated of each moment, making the recording a big celebration.

“Esperança” got the “Best Worship and Praise CD” and “Album of the Year” awards at the “Troféu Talento 2005” and André Valadão, a singer that had been part of the record label’s casting, was awarded as the “Best New Male Singer” and the “Singer of the Year”. The children’s project “Quem é Jesus?” (Who’s Jesus?) was awarded for the “Best Children’s Album Graphic Design”.

“’Hope’ is the word of God’s vocabulary that covered the city o Salvador, in Bahia, on the night of July 10th, 2004, when 1.200.000 voices sang and prophesized ‘hope’ to our entire nation. Have your hope in the Lord renewed as you listen to this album and receive the message in these songs which are an answer from the Heaven to your heart.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Quero me apaixonar (I Want to Fall in Love) – BEFORE THE THRONE

São Paulo, July 12th, 2003. The country’s biggest city hosted the third and last event of the “Brazil Diante do Trono” campaign. In the coldest night of the year, 2.000.000 (two million) people answered the invitation and showed up at the Mars Field, located on Santos Dummont Avenue. Each participant had the challenge to take 1 kilo of non-perishable food with a message on it. 40 tons of food were raised and redirected to cities in emergence state in the north of Minas Gerais.

With 54 meters of plateau, the stage set on the center of the Avenue in São Paulo was the biggest ever built in a free interspace in Brazil. The caravans started to arrive at the place two days before the event and at the end of it, once again it could be confirmed that no occurrences or depredation had happen. Just like in the other events held by Before the Throne, the environment provided allowed the order to be maintained, consolidating this as one of the most remarkable characteristics of the events promoted by the ministry.

At the “Troféu Talento 2004”, Before the Throne was the night’s most awarded group, taking home seven trophies. For the third time, Before the Throne got the “Group of the Year” award and Ana Paula Valadão got the “Best Female Singer” award. “Quero me Apaixonar” was awarded as the “Best Worship and Praise Album”, “Best Live Album” and “Album of the Year”. Other productions from Before the Throne Record Label also got some awards: Nívea Soares got the “Best New Female Singer” award for her solo “Reina Sobre Mim” (Reign Over Me) album and “Crianças Diante do Trono” (Kids Before the Throne) project got the “Best Children’s Album” award for the “Amigo de Deus” (God’s Friend) album.

“On the cold night of July 12th, 2003, at the Mars Field, in the city of São Paulo, about two million hearts got together for this recording. Those were glorious moments in the Holy Spirit’s presence, taking us to demonstrate our love for Him and to adore our blessed Savior, Christ Jesus. This album is our expression of love for God, because He so loved us that He first felt in love for us.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Nos Braços do Pai (In the Father’s Arms) – BEFORE THE THRONE
Carrying on with the “Brasil Diante do Trono” campaign, the second place chosen was the Ministries Esplanade, in Brasilia. On July 13th, 2002 it was set a stage of 78 meters of extension, one of the biggest that have ever been built in Brazil. The event set an audience record in the national capital: 1.200.000 (a million thousand) people. The year of 2002 was also the year that Brazil won the World Cup and the people from Brasilia could behold the special yellow and green illuminations that had been set at the Senate and Congress’ domes especially for Before the Throne’s event.

People from all over the country organized themselves in caravans so they could be present in the biggest Christian event that has ever been held in the country’s political capital. At the “Troféu Talento 2003”, “Nos Braços do Pai” got the “Best Worship and Praise Album” award and Before the Throne was awarded once again as the “Group of the Year”.

“The greatest disclosure about the Christian faith is to know God like our Father. This concept of heavenly paternity leads us to prove, through Christ Jesus, the grace of living as children of God and as a part of a great family. It’s ‘in the Father’s arms’ that our faith is no longer only a doctrine and starts becoming a relationship. On July 13th, 2002, as a prophetic act, 1.200.000 people got together at the Ministries Esplanade, in Brasília, the country’s capital, to worship our Father, that revealed His heart to each of His children and to our nation.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



In the year of 2001, Before the Throne Worship Ministry recorded “Preciso de Ti” (I Need You) and started to produce the Special Collection entitled “Brasil Diante do Trono” (Brazil Before the Throne). This year was a year that Before the Throne broadened even more its tents and set audience records. It was either the first time that Brazil saw three girls restored through the India Project.

Preciso de Ti (I Need You) – BEFORE THE THRONE
“Preciso de Ti” was a sales success. With a tight agenda of trips and a growing audience, Before the Throne Ministry reserved the famous Governador Magalhães Pinto Stadium, better known as Mineirão, for the recording of the fourth album – Preciso de Ti. In July 2001, with a stage of 42 meters, 210 thousand people attended the event. It was the greatest audience in the stadium’s history according to ADEMG (the governmental institution responsible for the management of the stadiums in Minas Gerais). Despite the big number of people present in the event, the tranquility marked the production. It was also in this recording that Before the Throne received three Indian girls who had been recovered through the India Project. They sang and danced with the group as a proof of the possibility to rescue lives through a serious and committed work. It became clear, then, Before the Throne’s mission: changing lives. The vision that all Brazil would sing “I need You” became a reality.

In the year of 2002, Before the Throne was awarded at the “Troféu Talento”[1] (Talent Trophy) as the “Group of the Year” and the song that gives the title to the album, “Preciso de Ti”, won the “Song of the Year” award.

Special Collection Brasil Diante do Trono (Brazil Before the Throne)
Aiming to record CDs in the main capitals of Brazilian states, Before the Throne started a campaign called “Brasil Diante do Trono”, released in Rio de Janeiro in December 2001. This project had the objective of recording one album in Rio, other in Brazilia (the capital of the country) and a third one in São Paulo. The first recording out of the Belo Horizonte gathered 180 thousand people at the Maracanã, an important stadium in Rio, and was as peaceful as the other recordings, opening doors to new places.

[1] Troféu Talento is a famous ceremony, similar to the Grammy, in which Christian musical productions are indicated and awarded according to some categories.

“On the night of July 4th, 2001, Mineirão stadium, in Belo Horizonte, hosted its biggest audience ever and it was made into a Temple. About 210 thousand worshipers that came from all over Brazil and even from other countries raised their voices and hearts to the recording of “Preciso de Ti”, an album that expresses through its eleven songs the cry for fellowship and intimacy with God. This album has more than songs; it contains prayers in the form of songs that take us ‘Before the Throne’ for the fourth time.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Águas Purificadoras (Purifier Waters) – BEFORE THE THRONE

The church’s gates were no long enough. The compositions started being signed by Ana Paula Valadão. The first big stage was set up. In July 2000, the recording of “Águas Purificadoras” gathered 70 thousand people from many Brazilian states at Gameleiras’ Exposition Park, located in Belo Horizonte. For the first time, musicians, orchestra, singers and choir shared the same structure: a stage of 16 meters. The sales commissions surprised and were multiplied, consolidating the excellence as Before the Throne’s standard. The company got a shape, departments and strength, increasing the credibility and backing the work already developed.

“On the night of July 15th, 2000, thousands of Christians from all over Brazil joined the members of Lagoinha Baptist Church, making a huge choir with 70.000 voices to record this live album at Gameleira’s Exposition Park in Belo Horizonte/MG. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was perceptible; the glory of God in His divine manifestation was a reality!
This album is more than a set of inspired and anointed songs, it’s a powerful ministration of God’s will.

Each chanson brings a message of faith, grace and hope to our heart. When listening to “Águas Purificadoras” you’ll be taken to prove that the Lord is good and His mercy lasts forever. May this third CD can really make you enjoy all the benefits of the ‘Purifier Waters’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Exaltado (Exalted) – BEFORE THE THRONE

The repercussion caused by the first project stimulated the recording of the second album, also held at Lagoinha Baptist Church. This time, the album had more compositions of the group and only one version of an internationally known song. In February 1999, more than seven thousand people got together for the event. Instead of only church members, people from other regions were also present. From that moment on, Before the Throne’s style was consolidated along with trips to many Brazilian states and other countries.

“Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name.” (Philippians 2:9)

“Recognizing this truth, on the night of February 13th, 1999, Lagoinha Baptist Church gathered to proclaim and declare that Jesus, the Savior, has been exalted by our God and Father and we, with our voices and lives, should also announce that He is and will always be exalted above all things. This recording translates a moment of love and worship to God until the day when we’ll all be together announcing loud: ‘Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!’ (Revelation 5:12).” – Pr. Márcio Valadão



Diante do Trono (Before the Throne) – BEFORE THE THRONE

In January 1998, a group of musicians from Lagoinha Baptist Church, located in the city of Belo Horizonte – MG, got together to record some of the chansons that were sung in the community. With five versions of American compositions and six songs of the group’s authorship, under the leadership of Ana Paula Valadão, the album took shape at the church’s own temple. Throughout two hours, seven thousand people sang and danced, creating a new tendency and legitimating a new concept of music in the Christian circles.

“‘Before the Throne’ is an expression of worship and praise to the One who sits on the throne. More than 7.000 voices got together to take our love demostration to the King Jesus’ heart. While listening to these songs I believe that we will be once again ‘Before the Throne’.” – Pr. Márcio Valadão


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